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Image by Alex Kotomanov
Travel down our country roads,
and I'll open up the gate for you!

Just Farm Life

Climbing Grain Bin Steps

Come on in and stay a while!

I'm a small-town girl who became the farm's official gatekeeper when I married a farmer from Central Illinois.  So I'm supposed to keep the gate closed on the barn but I've opened them up just for you!  I reckon the wider I swing the gate open, the greater the view you have to travel our country roads, take a peek in my kitchen, and wade through our barns.  


While exploring the farm, you will find me shuffling papers in the office, stirring it up in the kitchen, shoveling out grain bins, or chasing farmers, cows, and chickens.  Thank you for climbing the gate with me, as I hope you can relate to my reality down on the farm.  

Blessing from my farm,   Kim

climb the gate
with me

And keep updated on everything happening in my farm life!

Climbing the gate in the cow lot
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