My days are consumed by the farm office, mucking out barns and chasing farmers, cows and chickens because that's Just Farm Life! 

I did not grow up on a farm but in a small rural historic town.  I always loved visiting my aunt's farm but was quite sure that was not for me.   That was until I met my childhood best friend, who lived on a dairy farm.   We spent our summers washing, milking, and showing Brown Swiss heifers at our local county fairs.  This is where I met my future farmer.

He was showing pigs, which I knew nothing about except they smell, and I wasn't too sure about him.  He eventually bought me ice cream and sweet-talked me into riding the Ferris wheel with him, and that is how our stories begin.

We started our life together on his family farm with a few cows, pigs, and chickens. We had long days, significant adjustments, and exhausting work, but we raised four amazing kids.  

I am devoted to my family and our farm, but I also love to read, bake and write about our farm life adventures.  After volunteering in our community, I quickly realized a communication gap between farmers and consumers, not understanding how their food gets to the table. We have always opened our farm to kids and 4H groups, but I felt like I could do more.  And so, this blog began in hopes of bringing the gap closer together.

Thank you for visiting my farm life, and feel free you contact me with any questions or if you want to chat!

                         Blessings from my f arm,




              You will find me
         shuffling papers in
         the farm office and     
         baking in the kitchen,
         shoveling out barns
         and grain bins, or
         chasing farmers, cows
         and chickens because
         that is just farm life!
            Blessings from my farm,

And keep updated on everything happening in my farm life!

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