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10 Reasons Why Every Kid Should Experience Farm Life

Did you experience farm life when you were growing up?

It is no secret I did not grow up on a farm. But I raised my kids on one, and I would not change it.

Farm life is not always an easy experience for kids, as they have daily chores before and after school. But, as a result, my kids are well-rounded, have strong work ethics, respect animals, and know the ins and outs of a toolbox, vehicle, and tractor.

As I reflect on my childhood, I know I could not service my vehicle, drive a tractor, till, plant, or combine a field, breed a sow, deliver a calf, and I certainly did not understand the grain and livestock markets.

My kids experienced it all, and I am grateful.

After raising my kids on the farm, I have become adamant that all kids get the chance to experience a working farm. My list could go on and on, but here are the top 10 reasons.

Top 10 Reasons Why Every Kid Should Experience Farm Life:

  1. Farm Life Teaches Responsibility: Everything raised and produced on a farm depends on a farmer. Daily, the animals are tended, crops are managed, and repairs are done. Farm families, including the kids, work together to finish all the chores. These kids understand that chores are an important process to grow a quality product to feed their family, friends, and people worldwide.

  2. Farm Life Teaches Where Food Is From: Kids benefit from knowing how their food got to their table besides purchasing it at the grocery store. The entire process begins at a farm; bread is from a wheat field, meat is from an animal, and potatoes are grown in the ground. It is an educational experience to see a farmer plant, grow, combine his wheat and deliver it to a flour mill.

  3. Farm Life Teaches Food Appreciation: Spending time on a farm teaches kids to appreciate how their food was grown. First-handily, they experience the entire process from a seed to an ear of corn or a calf to a full-grown cow. Whether grain, vegetables, dairy, fruits, or animals, it is an operational farm teaching kids about the food chain. The food bought in a grocery store is packaged nicely and neat, but a gentle reminder of the process makes you thankful for a farmer. BONUS: Kids that experience a farm are more likely to eat a wider variety of foods and leave less on their plate!

  4. Farm Life Teaches How To Care For Animals: Kids will see that those cute farm animals require daily, meticulous care and how to do it. They will learn the animals' survival is dependent on them and daily chores; feed, water, and a clean environment. Kids also observe that each specie requires different feed rations, amounts, shelter, and care in each particular stage of its life to grow and mature properly.

  5. Farm Life Teaches Life Skills: Life is not written in a book; sometimes, life is taught with your hands and eyes. On a farm, kids learn and experience hard work, communication, dedication, the cycle of life, and many more! Farm kids have strong work ethics and enormous knowledge to prepare them for the real world.

  6. Farm Life Teaches The Difference Between Pets and Livestock: There is a difference between pets and livestock, and this hard, controversial concept can be learned on a farm. While farmers take excellent care of their livestock, they serve a different purpose for meat and dairy. In Biblical times, it was understood that animals were put here to feed us. It was not heartless; it was the way it was.

  7. Farm Life Teaches Safety Skills: This is one of the most important, if not the most important, skills learned on a farm; safety. Whether working with animals, equipment, machinery, or grain bins, farmers are always aware of their surroundings. One mistake can lead to a severe injury or even death. On a farm, kids learn to be mindful of their environment to protect themselves, family, and friends.

  8. Farm Life Teaches How To Solve Problems: Farmers continuously solve problems daily. It can be raining, snowing, extremely hot, or below zero, and the farmer still has work to do, from a sick animal to a broken-down combine. A farm still functions despite the weather, mechanical break-downs, and illnesses. Kids learn to solve problems under pressure, knowing if the wrong decision is made, the tractor will not run, or an animal could lose its life.

  9. Farm Life Teaches All About The Weather: Farm kids quickly learn; you listen when the weather is on TV or radio. Farmers have no control over Mother Nature yet are highly dependent on it. Rain is good for the crops, but too much can be devastating. Severe storms can cause crop damage which causes poor yields. Farm kids will always know the weather forecast and understand it.

  10. Farm Life Teaches Hard Work And Dedication Can Be Rewarded: It is so rewarding to see a crop harvested out of the field and know that we, as a farm family, are part of the process that makes it possible for people to have food on their table. Many lessons are taught on a farm, but learning that hard work and dedication can be sweetly rewarded is priceless.

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1 Comment

heather brown
heather brown
Mar 30, 2022

Love this! I could not agree more. There is so much to be learned living and working on farms. We would all benefit from the experience. Thank you for sharing!

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