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Farm Animal Terminology

How many of us sang Old MacDonald had a farm?

Old MacDonald had a farm.


And on his farm, he had a cow


With a moo-moo here

And a moo-moo there

Here a moo, there a moo

Everywhere a moo-moo

Old MacDonald had a farm


Admit it; you just sang the lyrics!

This song teaches youngsters about farm animals and their sounds.

But did you know that cow terminology is different on the farm? Cattle are referred to as cow, steer, heifer, bull, or calf, depending on their sex and age.

Here is a helpful list of farm animal terminology words.

CHICKEN: domestic fowl

CHICK: young, baby chicken

PULLET: female chicken under 1-year-old

COCKEREL: young male chicken under 1-year-old

HEN: adult female chicken over 1-year-old

COCK: male chicken over 1-year-old

BANTAM: 1/3 to 1/2 size of a standard chicken

BOVINE: scientific name for cattle

CATTLE: a group of domesticated bovine animals

COW: mature female bovine animal

BULL: uncastrated male bovine

CALF: young of the bovine animal

HEIFER: female bovine that has not produced a calf

STEER: castrated male bovine

SUIDAE: scientific name for swine

SWINE: domesticated hog

PIGLET: young, newborn swine

PIG: young swine weighing less than 120lbs

HOG: swine weighing more than 120lbs

GILT: young female swine that has not produced a litter of piglets

SOW: adult female swine

BARROW: castrated male swine

BOAR: uncastrated male swine

OVINE: scientific name for sheep

SHEEP: ovine animals raised for wool and meat

EWE: adult female sheep of breeding age

LAMB: young sheep under 1-year-old

WETHER: male castrated sheep

RAM: adult male uncastrated sheep

CAPRINE: scientific name for goat species

GOAT: caprine animal

BUCK/BILLY:uncastrated male mature goat

BUCKLING: uncastrated young male goat

WETHER: castrated male goat

NANNIE/DOE: mature female goat

DOELING: immature young female goat

KID: goat less than 1-year-old

EQUINE: scientific name for horse species

HORSE: equine animal

FOAL: baby horse

FILLY: female foal

COLT: male foal

MARE: adult female horse

STALLION: uncastrated male horse

GELDING: castrated male horse


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