How To Make A Flock Block

Flock Block Sticker Shock!

Has anyone noticed the outrageous price of a Flock Block? And have you really looked at all of the ingredients in it? I took a really hard look and to be honest; I didn't even recognize everything in the block! So I asked myself...Can I make a healthy flock block? YES, I can and you can too!

What is a Flock Block?

A flock block was designed to provide entertainment to prevent boredom and used as a snack for chickens and ducks. It also provides your flock with grits and oyster shell (ensures hard egg shells and strong bones) and grains. It is not to be used as the primary feed for your chickens.

Anyone had trouble with chickens pecking on each other? Yup, me too! Especially in the winter months when they do not get outside time. That's why I provide the flock block. It can also be used if you are going to be gone a few days and the "chicken sitter" cannot be there all the time.

Are Flock Blocks Healthy for Chickens?

Yes, especially if you know all of the ingredients in the flock block. Chickens will instinctively peck and break apart anything their beaks can reach; that is natural. I want my chickens to be healthy and strong and I can provide that including entertainment with a nutritious flock block! Scroll to bottom for printable recipe!

Snack Block for Chickens

Here are the


and the recipe

I use for my


and ducks.

Also Needed:

Loaf Pans (large or small)

2 Mixing Bowls


Wooden Spoon


Preheat oven to 375°.

Step One: In a mixing bowl, whisk the molasses, coconut oil (room temperature),


Step Two: In another mixing bowl mix the remainder of the dry ingredients.

Step Three: Crush the egg shells into small pieces and mix into the dry


Step Four: Mix the wet and dry ingredients together until well combined.

Step Five: Press in loaf pan (I fill about 3/4 full).

If you want to hang the block; use the handle end of the wooden

spoon, poke a hole (all the way to the bottom) before putting into

the oven.

Step Six: Bake in preheated oven for 45 minutes.

Step Seven: Remove from oven and let cool completely in the loaf pan.

(I have rushed the process and it has fallen apart).

Tips for Flock Block

Feel free to mix and match any chicken-friendly foods you can find in your pantry! Because we live on a farm, I have used cracked corn instead of scratch grain. The same thing on the oats; oatmeal or oats from a farm store. You can substitute sunflower seeds for pumpkin seeds. There is a large variety of options that your chickens will love and it will still be nutritious!

I do not recommend giving chicks (under 8 weeks old) flock block. They need the vitamins and minerals in their commercial feed to grow properly.

Our chickens are like family and we want them to live a long, happy, healthy life! I hope your chickens enjoy this recipe as much as ours do.