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10 Reasons To Order Pizza On The Farm

Do you love pizza?

We do, too, especially beef (hint, we are beef farmers)!

My life on the farm and as a mom is hectic, and sometimes supper turns into boughten pizza.

It took me a long time to realize I could not do it all. Here are ten examples that every farm wife can relate to also.

It is okay to fill your plate with pizza rather than extra stress at mealtime.

10 reasons it is okay to order pizza:

  • My husband is smack dab in the middle of harvest or planting, and I am left to manage the household and kids until it rains. We are getting pizza tonight.

  • I shuffle equipment and farmers from field to field, load and deliver seed corn to the planter and still need to make cookies for the church bake sale. We are getting pizza tonight.

  • I work all day, the house is a mess, everyone is starving, and the youngest kid just remembered he has a big school project due tomorrow. We are getting pizza tonight.

  • In the middle of all of the chaos, my husband needs me to get parts, and it's only an hour away. We are getting pizza tonight.

  • I am gathering eggs in the henhouse tonight; the cows get out, I drop everything, including the eggs, and run. Broke all the eggs. We are getting pizza tonight.

  • Sometimes I have to attend school meetings, recitals, and soccer games alone. It is 8 o'clock before I get home. I still need to check the sows and piglets in the barn. We are getting pizza tonight.

  • My husband needs an extra hand fixing the tractor; it will only take a few minutes. It takes three hours, and my supper in the oven is burnt. We are getting pizza tonight.

  • With the kids in tow, I haul bales off the hayfield all evening before it rains. I lose two bales and take out the neighbor's mailbox. We are getting pizza tonight.

  • My husband is complaining about all of the pizza he is being fed.

  • I get invited to enjoy a night out with the girls, so the hubby watches the kids. He does the farm chores with them. He gets pizza tonight.

  • My husband never complains about pizza again.

If life gets too busy, eat a slice of pizza.

Will you eat pizza every night? Well, no, but the point is; it is okay to need help, even if that includes the pizza parlor preparing your supper tonight.

I used to kill myself trying to be the "perfect farm wife" with five-course meals every night. Not any more. Eating healthy is important to my family, but so is my sanity.

After eating pizza so much, my kids and husband learned I needed help too. Now, mealtime is distributed equally, including the dishes.

Just know, you are valued, and your fellow farmwives see you. And believe me, they are picking out the same pizza toppings as you.

My favorite pizza toppings are beef and onion. What are yours?

It may be a hard life, but it is a life we love.


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