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A Winter Day On The Farm

December arrived with a cold winter blast

The farmer is praying it won't last

More work for him this just brings

Everything will be frozen, he sarcastically sings

He puts on his worn coveralls, gloves, and hat

While he prays that the tractor won't have a flat

Making the long haul out to the shed

He hears the cows bawling because they need fed

He chips away the solid ice with a loud clink

So the chickens and cows can get a drink

Frozen are his face, hands and toes

Even with all his layers of clothes

The calves get their milk and the cows their hay

By the time chores are done, the sun is up for the day

There are payments to be made for the expenses of the crop

If he doesn't make them, the bank will make him stop

He loads the semi with corn and hauls it to town

The price he gets paid, fluctuates up and down

With a phone call, his neighbor has loudly spoken

Your cows are all out because the fence is broken

Hurriedly, they chase them all back in the stall

Mending the fence with twine because it fixes it all

The day is still young but his body is tired

He knows he must still get the barn rewired

When he's finished for the day, he hangs up his coat

Today he did all he could to stay afloat

No matter the weather or holiday celebrated

The farmer did his chores while his family patiently waited

The sacrifice is great but worth it in the end

The people must eat so on the farmer they depend

Thank you farm family for all that you do

We wouldn't be able to eat without you!


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