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A Farm Mom

I see you adjusting your hat throughout the day,

With all of the roles you must play.

Getting your kids off to school on time,

then finishing your chores all covered in grime.

Quickly you change to get to your other job,

only to come home and see your farmer was a slob.

The kids are hungry, and laundry is piled high,

when you are done with chores, nighttime fills the sky.

You watch the gate and run for parts,

hold the light and keep the charts.

The farmer gives you too much sass,

and you only want to kick him in the ass.

But you know he is under tremendous stress,

fighting the weather and environmental mess.

You run this farm, hand-in-hand,

Even though it doesn't always go as planned.

You are tired, yet your heart is whole,

knowing God only chose a few to play this role.

I see you and am cheering by your side,

as I watch your eyes fill with joy and pride.

On this Mother's Day, I want to say,

You are the backbone of this farm, and for you, I will pray.


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